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Wallpaper of the Month

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To Change Your Wallpaper:

Step One: Download the image

Windows Users:
1. Right-click on your desktop, and a menu will appear. Select "Properties."
2. The 'Display Properties' dialogue box will appear. Make sure the "Background" tab is selected.
3. Click on the "Browse" button. An 'Open' dialogue box will appear. Using the 'Look in:' scrollbar, navigate to the folder where the photo is saved.
4. In the folder in which the image is saved, click on an image to use it as the desktop and select "Open."
5. Click "Apply" to see the selected image as your desktop.
6. Click "OK" when finished.

Mac Users:
1. Click on the apple icon at the top of your screen to open the Apple menu. Select "System Preferences."
2. Click the "Desktop & Screen Saver" icon. A preferences box will open. Make sure the "Desktop" tab is selected.
3. Select the "Choose Folder" to find the photo. Apple's default download folder is the desktop.
4. The folder's contents will appear in the right panel. Select an image to use it as the desktop. The change will automatically take effect when an image is selected. When satisfied with your choice, close the Preferences window.

Community Rules:

At this time all interested users are asked to friend the community ONLY! If you wish to submit a wallpaper, please wait for a submission post (see Wallpaper Contest Rules below). The only members with posting access are mods!

Please respect artist copyright and limit the use of all images posted within this community to your computer desktop and ONLY your computer desktop. Unless you obtain permission from the artist him/herself, please refrain from reprinting, reproducing, or reusing any wallpapers for any use other than the images' original purpose.

ARTISTS: When submitting wallpapers, keep in mind that your images will be publicly accessable. If you do not want to run the risk of image "theft," then do not submit. It is recommended that you include an unobtrusive watermark on your submission.

Wallpaper Contest Rules:

Monthly contests will be held for the following month's featured wallpaper once a minimum number of 25 friends is reached. An entry form will be posted at which time submissions may be made as screened comments. Submissions outside this entry post are NOT accepted.

Rules will include:

1. To enter you must submit a minumum of TWO images; one a desktop size (i.e., 1024 x 768 @ 72 dpi), and one a thumbnail size of NO LARGER than 450px in length.

2. Please select a reliable hosting service (i.e., ImageShack) that will not resize or prematurely delete your pictures.

3. You may submit more than one size or version of a wallpaper, up to a maximum of four.